Friday, January 2, 2009

well it is 2009,and what a start it was
i have been copy thing to make my life easier
as far as patterns go, well on the first day of the year
I found out that the new PC I  got with vista is not compatable with
my old printer so needless to say I started of really swell.
luckly where I do most of my tech buying had printers on sale.
I got a HP for a good price.
since i motivated myself outdoors I did my shopping to.
once I got back I work on e-mails cross stitching and getting ready to settle in for the night
today i decided to stay in where it was warmer then outside, but not really warm enough
for me. do to my self not working I'm keeping the temp. in the apartment around 65 degress 
I worked on the Marbek angel and got the John Stubb's going and got 
it easier to keep track and the last thing I did was put the first stitches in the first cross stitch project of 2009, no pictures yet not enough stitches to tell anything

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